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In Memory of Sheila Weisfeld

An Angel

On 12/16/11, an angel was created. An incredibly awesome woman, Sheila Weisfeld during her life... made a difference. ...MORE....

I Remember....

  • " Sheila was always there for the Girl Scouts, to lend a hand...for everyone who asked.
  • " I learned from Sheila that actions are what count.. not words. "
  • " Sheila is a sweetheart, she always took the time to answer my sometimes ridiculous questions and went out of her way to make sure I was a satisfied customer. "
  • " Sheila was a great help to me with all of my VPI questions... loved talking with her! "


This is a memorial site for one of the finest people who has walked this world – Sheila Weisfeld.   Passing away from pancreatic cancer, Sheila was, quite simply, a force of nature that none could stop.

Her accomplishments are legendary, yet secondary to how she touched lives.  Co-owner of VPI Industries, she was a rock of strength, determination and non-stop energy that would never settle for second best when it came to taking care of family, of business, and life in general.

You can learn more about the woman over at:

Sheila was just plain awesome and if you knew her…your life was blessed.

Please enjoy your visit to Sheila’s site…right now she’s with her son Jonathon and watching over her family, VPI and those who were blessed by her friendship.

Posted on : Dec 19 2011
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